Duna Verde and Caorle

Duna Verde

The resort is located 9 km from the centre of Caorle in an area away from noise and main roads.

Here, efficient tourist facilities immersed in an island of greenery, cool and quiet, with swimming pools and tennis courts dotted around the large parks make it an ideal holiday destination.

For those who love the beach but also want to move around and have fun, Duna Verde offers a dynamic and sporty stay; skating, windsurfing, horse-riding or going on the motorboat for a trip to the sea or to the Caorle Valleys.

Its proximity to cities rich in artistic and cultural heritage also makes it attractive to those who do not like to stay on the beach all day.


Caorle, located in the North Adriatic, halfway between Venice and Trieste, has a population of about eleven thousand.

The territory covers about 400 square kilometres, mostly consisting of agricultural land and lagoon. Thanks to these characteristics, there is considerable agricultural production: maize cultivation, orchards and vines. Fishing activity is developed in the lagoon area.

The built-up area stretches along approximately 6 km of coastline.

It borders the Adriatic Sea to the south and south-east.

The rest is surrounded by rivers, canals and lagoon.

The architecture of Caorle consists of the historical centre, characterised by Venetian-style coves and small squares.

Of particular note are the Cathedral and the Bell Tower, original and unique in its shape. Caorle, in addition to its architecture, preserves its historicity in the town museum with notable and valuable archaeological finds from the subsoil and the sea. The city is laid out in two directions, towards the east and west. To the East, a long avenue runs along the sea, immediately lined with hotels and other residential facilities. In the west, facing the sea, a pedestrian avenue with hotels and the rest of the housing. The architecture takes on the same characteristics as in the Levante area. To the north-west of Caorle, the Tourist Port was built a few years ago, allowing hundreds of boats of various tonnage to dock.

Caorle has important sports facilities: the football stadium football stadium, the Sports Palace, tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools.

Accommodation facilities for tourists include hotels, restaurants, campsites, and there is also the possibility of being accommodated in an agritourism centre. The lagoon reserves an interesting alternative itinerary for Caorle guests. The possibility of excursions by motorboat or small boats in the lagoon allows you to discover the richness of this environment.

You can visit the fishermen's huts, still preserved in the traditional way, with their fishing gear.